The Blue Ocean Business Club Can truly change the life of a human being.

David Forster, Founder App Innovators

We stand for

We commit to a lifetime of personal and professional growth, to become the role models the future needs.

Expand your network with valuable contacts, who truly care to help you elevate your business and life quality.

Our members go through a carefully designed application process. This is how we ensure that you surround yourself with like-minded people that challenge you to be the best version of yourself

We create unforgettable experiences.
Look out for our great parties, cultural activities and fun adventures!

Member Voices

“Unleashing unimagined Powers!”

Harmonizing work and leisure; celebrating successes; receiving empowerment when struggling; growing in unity despite of physical distance, and unleashing unimagined powers – I feel infinite gratitude for the BOBC.

Sascha (47)

IT-Lord and Old School-DJ

“Embrace the Entrepreneur within!”

Being surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs motivates and empowers me to excel on a daily basis.
BOBC allowed me to embrace myself as being a real business owner, especially in my desire to achieve more.

Nadine Tschira (30)

Photographer & Co-Founder of

“Show me your Friends and I show you your Future!”

True words – hence I am happy to be part of the BOBC.
I have met exciting personalities, won new clients and great friends.
I am looking forward to having a successful future with the BOBC!

Timo (41)

Investor, Coach & Successful Dad




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70+ Interactive Business TV

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Payama Party for entrepreneurs

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Burning Cake Festival

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1st BOBC-gathering

1st BOBC-gathering

We connected online. Built trust. Laughed. Learned from each other ...

What’s special about us?

We designed a process that gives proper attention to each individual to grow in business and personally.

We bring in all pillars of life (such as health, relationships, business, finance, you), as our intent is to live a coherent life.

We mix business with pleasure. Playfulness and humor are our shields held up high. Though we don’t forget that s*** needs to get done. 

We understand we sit in the same boat. So we might as well row together. It’s easier, goes faster, and is much more fun. And you never have to feel alone again.

Partners & Sponsors

Membership advantages

We are building this Club for you. Check out what we came up with so far:

Free access to all online events

Discounted and first choice access to our life events

Discounts and first choice on co-workings and co-workations

Partnership bonuses on our growing number of partners

Quarterly personal check-ins to track and ensure your personal and professional growth

Constant interaction with you regarding your needs and desires through our communication channels and 1-1 meetings

Visibility within the club and chance to co-create your projects with our club

Access to resources, such as investors, project partners, expertise, and much more.

A community with the Blue Ocean mindset


  • We constantly look for Blue Oceans: Markets that have little to no competitors, and plenty of fish in the sea – more than you can farm.
  • We believe in collaboration and co-creation, rather than competition. Thus we operate from a place of abundance rather than fear. 
  • We believe that if we over deliver value, we will always find enough resources (financial support, customers, people to join our cause). 
  • Our projects and companies are built to serve our employees and customers, not our egos. When we thrive beyond our ego, the real big stuff happens and our ego gets even more than it can ever ask for. 
  • The journey is more important than the end result. As we travel together, we believe in trust, authenticity and vulnerability. Those are essential in building meaningful relationships.

The BLue Ocean Business Club is a home
it’s your community- your business family
that is by your side at all times.

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